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I have been taking the Valerian Root at night and seems as though this morning it kicked my ass,since I didnt hear the alarm go off.All is well though.I have been having trouble sleeping lately.I dont know what the deal is but I am quite tired of being tired so I pop two Valerian root and I am pretty much out with in an hour or so.I thought I had yesterday off,needless to say...I didnt.So I went into work an hour late,had 3 tables,made 10 bucks and that was that.Not worth my time at all.I am struggling this month.I havent even made rent yet,so I am quite pissed at the job situation.And I have been through it all before.It just has been a while I guess and I was useto having money and whatever.I havent talked to the Vernage since Monday,and you know what?It dosent even bother me.All of a sudden,I dont care.Whatever he does,he is going to do,same with me.I can be trusted though and I guess I dont care about not talking to him,not seeing him because maybe in my head it makes me trust him,which I do need to do,and I kindof do,but just not full force.Anyways,today is Wedensday and I highly doubt that I am going out.For the first time in a long time.I cant afford it,and I really am tired of being drunk all the time.

7:09 a.m. - 2005-09-07


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