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Theres a pot of gold at the end .

Nates cousin has been messaging me things he probably shouldnt.Like how he wants his cock down my throat. And how he would turn my "little ass" every which way. Do I like it from behind? How hard his cock is just thinking about me.Theres so much more ...but you get the point.Im pretty sarcastic I just go with the flow and dont say much yet still say something.I have told Nate a few things he had said...but not all of it.And maybe I should.I dont know.It dosent really bother me that his cousin wants to fuck me. Dosent bother me that his cousin tells me what he will do to me and how he will make me gag on his cock...Im not doing anything wrong.I just read the messages and say something back that is pretty sarcastic.I kindof like it because someone is paying attention to me.I havent been laid since Spring break.Almost 5 months. If someone can jerk off while talking dirty to me and think about me?Then maybe its not my fault that its been so long ....

3:10 p.m. - 2017-08-24


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